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Q: How much does the certification and examination cost?

A: If a course offers certification and examination, it's included in the purchase price.

Q: Will I get a badge?

All of the SSAA certificates can also function as badges and can be included in social media like LinkedIn.

Q: How do you ensure quality?

A: Our certification courses have a double accreditation (UK CPD and Dutch higher education BKO). 

Q: Is this training and certification recognized outside Holland?

A: Yes, we have a dual accreditation which, according to the feedback we receive, is highly respected abroad. As of 2024, we have trained 200,000+ students in 170+ countries. 

Q: What if I do not like the course?

A: There is a 30 day money back option that Udemy offers. 

Q: How can I prepare for the exam?

A: Make notes. Ask questions if something is not clear. Have a look at the sample questions at the end of the course. 

Q: Must I have a certain educational background to start your courses?

A: No. We have designed the courses to be broadly accessible. No prior knowledge is required. The only exception is the Lean Six Sigma black belt course which has our Lean Six Sigma green belt course as a prerequisite. 


Q: How long is my certificate valid?

A: Your certificate does not have an expiration date. There is no maintenance fee. 

Q: What if I take your exam and fail?

A: Retakes are free, but you have to wait a minimum of 6 hours before you are allowed to do a retake. 

Q: Do I get credits?

A: Our SSAA certification courses offer credits. Learn more by clicking here


Q: I took the exam, but I haven't received a certificate yet.

A: It usually takes 24 hours before your certificate is issued. We can't issue your certificate immediately after the exam because a sample of the results has to be reviewed by an independent party to maintain our accreditation. Once the certificate is issued, you will receive a link in your email box. Please also keep an eye on your spam folder. If after 24 hours you have not received anything and also checked your spam folder, then contact us by email. 

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