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Image by Azhar J


Six Sigma Academy Amsterdam started in a restaurant in Amsterdam when some lecturers from various Dutch universities were discussing their recent offline Six Sigma training which had cost 7,000 EUR per person and weeks of sitting in a boring class room. It was a horrible (!!) and extremely boring experience, but the knowledge which was gained was excellent. 

We decided right then and there to come up with an alternative which would be:

  • More affordable;

  • More time efficient by focusing on the parts that are used in practice;

  • More engaging, by adding fun and context.

  • Having the same standards as traditional college courses.  

Over the course of 2 years, each one of us contributed a bit of input to our first course (Lean Management) and so it all began. 

Today, we have trained almost 100,000 people across the world with the simple formula Affordable + Practical + Efficient + Engaging & Fun.

Some facts about us:

  • +90,000 students certified worldwide;

  • Dutch BKO/BKE accredited lecturers;

  • Courses are designed/taught by Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts who have supervised projects for companies like Audi, Lufthansa and the Dutch military. 

We hope that you too give us the chance to contribute to your development.   ​

Thank you lovely people and have a great day, wherever you are.


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