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Six Sigma Academy Amsterdam



We offer courses in a variety of business fields, but focus on training in the fields of Lean Six Sigma and data analysis. 

Apart from certification, we also offer students the possibility to obtain credits. These can help you maintain credentials.

Free examination and verifiable, accredited certification for our Lean Six Sigma courses is included in the purchase price. 


Six Sigma Academy Amsterdam or SSAA is an academic led, independent training and certification institute. Its mission is to make academic quality education more accessible, more convenient and more affordable, whilst focusing on practical use and student engagement.  As of the year 2023, we have trained and certified almost 150,000 students in almost 170 countries. Our aim is to train and certify 1,000,000 students worldwide by 2025.


"Very user friendly. My background is psychology and I didn't have problems keeping up with some of the numerical methods." 

Project manager, ING Bank

W. Jansen

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