Academic level Dutch BKO/BKE accredited Lean Six Sigma certification programs, based on academic standards, taught by academics with practical experience. Affordable, practical, efficient and fun. We have certified over 100,000 Lean Six Sigma students worldwide.   




Harm, Student Engineering

Looking back, I can say they kept their promise fully and delivered even more.  I previously had an offline green belt, and retook it to update my memory. Some of the concepts were familiar to me, but they managed to finally clarify them. Great experience overall. 

Gijs, Jr. IT Manager

The delivery was quite good, in fact even excellent. Also, I liked that various industries were discussed and that there was no constant repeating.

Jordan, Auditor

Efficient? Yes, very much so. Fun? Yes, to a very reasonable extent. Affordable? Very. Practical and useful? VERY good! Some of my colleagues also joined the program and we have run 2 projects by now. Thanks.