We have two types of certificates, namely type A and type B. Each serves different needs of different student groups. 

Type A Certificates

These are isolated certificates. They look like what you below. Completing each of our individual courses 100% (including the internal quizzes) will award you a type A certificate. 







Type B Certificate

Type B certificates look like this.












To obtain certificate type B, you need to go through all 4 of our Lean Six Sigma courses that you see below. Finish them in the order that is mentioned. Once you are done, you have to pass a an exam. The exam is free of charge and can be taken remotely.

  1. Lean Management

  2. Lean Six Sigma White/Yellow Belt combination course

  3. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

  4. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

The exact details are explained in the final lecture of each course. Please note that the examination does not involve any extra costs. Retakes are also free. There are no fees. There are no hidden costs. 


The Dutch BKO accreditation is globally accepted. We base this on the experience of our students up until now in 170+ countries. The certificates do not expire. Lean Six Sigma certifications are normally given for life. That principle also applies to our certificates.