We have two types of certificates, namely type A and type B which you see above. 

Type A Certificates

These are issued automatically upon completing each individual course. So you get one for Green Belt, one for Black Belt etc. No exam has to be passed. 

Type B Certificate

This one is issued by SSAA. You need to go through our own 4 Lean Six Sigma courses and pass a (free) exam.

Procedure for type B certification by SSAA

STEP 1: Enroll + finish all our own 4 courses on Udemy in this order:

  1. Lean Management

  2. Lean Six Sigma White/Yellow Belt combination course

  3. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

  4. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

IMPORTANT NOTE: We don't accept any other institute's certificates. This certification process is a free service which we provide our own students and thus they must be enrolled in our 4 courses.  

STEP 2: Each course will give you a certificate of completion (see type A above) from Udemy once you complete it.  

STEP 3: Pass our exam which is attached to the last lecture of the black belt course by obtaining a score of at least 50%. The exam and possible retakes do not cost anything. 

STEP 4: Provide us with the relevant information for your certification as is explained in the last lecture of the black belt course. You will usually receive your certificate within 1 business day (max 3 business days if it is very busy).